Legacy Ministries

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Bridging the Gap

Billie Roden, Director of Legacy Ministry, has been working in the senior community and as a youth leader for over 30 years.

Whatever age group she is working with her goal is to help individuals know they are important; they have a purpose, and what they do counts. Over the years she has discovered many creative ways to bring youth and seniors together to experience why they are important to one another. By targeting these two groups of people community comes together in the process.

As a Motivational Speaker she has had the opportunity to speak on many platforms encouraging audiences to not be afraid of one another because of differences, but rather inspired. Inwardly we have similar longings to love and be loved, to be needed, to have a purpose. To lean in beyond our comfort zone into the differences that make up a society.   To allow ourselves to go deeper then peer groups, races, style, religions and appearances… is an art...it is a ministry!

Legacy’s Bridging the Gap Ministry assists teachers, youth leaders, parents, seniors and students to pull community together by helping youth reach out to senior citizens and inspiring seniors to pass on their legacy. Whether you are an individual, small or large group, Legacy will help you develop a meaningful project that will build relationships in the process.

Let Legacy assist you in developing a service work experience that helps everyone involved feel they are making a difference.

  • For individuals seeking service hours a trained professional will document your hours for school credit.

    • A  curriculum is available led by a professional Activities Director. This will help to organize a plan, meet goals, objectives and timelines.

      • A motivational speaker can assist your senior group, or senior home, with encouraging ideas and inspiration to help develop a  service project.  Help reach out to young people and restore the valuable role of grand parenting.   

        • Individuals and groups can volunteer with the Vintage Fashion and Variety Show.  Organized groups and facilities can book a show.

          • Saint Seraphim's Young Men's Retreat and Saint Sophia’s Young Womens’ Retreat need volunteers to assist at the camp grounds year round. Build bridges, plant gardens,

          help with construction projects.

            • Go to Contacts to set up an appointment  to help restore community.